Buyers Guide – How to Bid

Are you new to the world of online auctions? Let’s walk you through what to expect!

If you’ve never participated in an online auction before, don’t worry! We’ve partnered with, a reliable and secure auction software platform, to bring you our online auctions. To join in the bidding action, the first step is to sign up.

Creating a bidder account on is key to getting started. This account not only allows you to place bids and make purchases but also adds an extra layer of security by verifying your identity. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of online auctions, it’s time to get registered!

Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address.
  • Choose a Username.
  • Set a Password.
  • Read and agree to Proxibid’s Unified User Agreement by checking the box.
  • Review and agree to Proxibid’s Privacy Policy by checking the box.
  • Click the “Create Account” button. You’ll be directed to provide additional information to complete your account setup.


Once your account is created, you’ll receive an activation email to the address you provided. After validating your account, head to the Vision Equipment homepage or current auctions page.

Select the auction you’re interested in and click the orange “AUCTION DETAILS / BID NOW” button. On the specific auction page, click the orange “START BIDDING” block and log in. Now, you’re all set to start bidding!

Types of Bids

Pre-Biding on Live Auctions

Vision Equipment, collaborating with, provides the opportunity for pre-bidding on all live auctions. Before the scheduled sale date, online bidders can place their bids within a specified time frame. This functionality allows the Proxibid platform to incorporate these pre-bids during the live auction, catering to bidders unable to participate in real-time. If your absentee bids are surpassed, you have the option to increase your bid or wait to bid in real-time during the live event.

To access the event, click the Start Bidding button to the right side of the event.

Click the Bid Now button to the right of an item to bid the current asking price. A confirmation window will open confirming the bid amount.

Click the Confirm Bid button to place the bid. The bid will not be submitted unless the Confirm Bid button is clicked.

If the Bid Now button does not display an asking price, the bidder will be prompted to enter an amount for the bid. Bidders also have the option of entering an amount for a Maximum Bid.

Viewing Pre-Bids

  • Log into Proxibid by clicking the Sign In link on the top right corner of the page and entering the Email Address (or Username) and Password associated with the account.
    • To reset the password associated with the account, click the Forgot Password link.
    • For additional login assistance, please contact Proxibid directly.
  • Select MyProxibid from the drop-down in the top right corner of the page.
  • On the Dashboard, click on the View Bids link located in the Pre-Bidding box.

    The Pre-Bidding box displays the bidder’s total number of leading active pre-bids and the number that have been outbid.
  • A list of current pre-bids will appear. Pre-bids are removed from the list once the auction event ends.
    • Items will be sorted by auction event.
    • Click on any item to view the item’s detail.
    • The item’s Current Bid will be listed alongside the bidder’s maximum bid. If the Current Bid is green, it is the bidder’s current bid. If it appears in red, the bidder has been outbid.
    The bidder’s pre-bid total will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Participating in a Live Auction

Participating in Vision Equipment Online’s live auctions is made easy with Proxibid’s Live Bidding Application. When an auction begins, look for the flashing “Bid Now” button on, indicating the start of the auction. This will redirect you to our Proxibid seller page. Once there, simply click on “Enter Live Auction.” This will launch the Proxibid Live Bidding Application, allowing bidders to participate in real-time bidding during the sale.

Prospective bidders need to sign in to their Proxibid account to engage in a live event. If a bidder isn’t logged in upon entering a live sale, they’ll encounter a “Sign In To Bid” button instead of the actual “BID” button, and they’ll be in Watch Only Mode.

After logging in, bidders will automatically be checked to see if they meet the requirements to join the live auction.

If the bidder is approved to participate in the event, a pop-up window will open stating that Proxibid Live is ready to launch. To join the Live Webcast, click the OK, LET’S LAUNCH! button.

If the bidder is not yet approved to participate in the event, a pop-up window will open listing the information needed. Click the Website button to be taken back to the event’s catalog page.

A banner at the top of the page will provide the next steps that need to be taken to be approved for bidding.

Once the additional information has been provided, the bidder will be able to participate in the event.

Bidding in a Live Auction

Bidders should read the event’s Terms of Sale prior to placing any bids. For more information about bidding, see Bidding on Proxibid.

When participating in an auction via the Live Bidding Application, the bid button is turned off to prevent accidental bids. To place a bid, enable bidding by clicking the Enable Bidding toggle in the bottom left corner of the page. Once bidding is enabled, it remains enabled until it is turned off again.

With bidding enabled, the previously locked BID button will light up orange with the asking bid. Click the BID button to place a bid at the current asking price. This is considered a live bid (or an instant bid).

In the example below, clicking the BID button will result in placing a $35.00 bid.

As the bids escalate, essentially, you’re competing against other bidders globally. Rest assured, the ongoing bid, as it rises during the auction, will be displayed, affording you the opportunity to place another bid and vie for winning the item.

Bidding on a Mobile Device

You can bid on Proxibid using any mobile device or tablet with internet access through a browser. There’s no need for an app, as the Proxibid site is designed to adapt to your device’s specifications automatically.

On a mobile device, access the Sign In, Sign Up, and MyProxibid buttons, as well as browsing options, by tapping the three horizontal lines located at the top left corner of the screen.