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Who Should Buy The Franke A800 Fresh Brew? 

Medium to Large Coffee Shop

The superautomatic Franke A800 Fresh Brew is aptly named, brewing fresh coffee a cup at a time for maximum flavor and quality. With essentially limitless programmable recipes, you’ll have all the variety you need.

If you’ve utilized a pour-over station before, you’re probably looking for a certain standard of quality. The A800 Fresh Brew can help you achieve the results you’re used to faster and with remarkable flexibility.

Franke’s own iQFlow system monitors the flow rate of water through the coffee and allows you to adjust the extraction to get the flavors you want. Topping each coffee with a rich crema, this model helps you deliver extraordinary results.

You can dedicate this machine to a number of different tasks, whether it’s brewing a variety of specialty coffees with its three hoppers and grinders or doing single cups of decaf so that you never have to waste a pot again.


When it comes to improving customer service in a restaurant, attending to efficiency is half the battle. 

A machine like the A800 Fresh Brew gives your servers a chance to push a button for a coffee instead of having to stop and brew a pot, which may slow service down considerably.

Not only that, but customers will also get a cup of coffee that’s way beyond what they expect in terms of flavor and quality. 

One of the best features of this machine is its user-friendliness, guaranteeing that your staff won’t have any trouble using it. They’ll just select the type of coffee they want from the touchscreen and the machine will make it—and even clean itself at the end of the day per an automated program.


Where would an office be without a coffee machine? Keep productivity rates high with the A800 Fresh Brew.

As a super-automatic, it presents no hidden challenges to operate. Able to brew directly into cups that hold as much as 24 ounces, employees can use their favorite large cups. 

If you want to give your staff the convenience of a one-touch machine, the A800 Fresh Brew provides everything you’re looking for and more with multiple hoppers for regular and decaf and self-cleaning modes.


It’s customary for a hotel to offer guests coffee, but this machine goes well beyond “just coffee.” It can give your guests a whole new experience.

Adding coffee this good to the beverage options is easy as this machine is perfect for self-service.

Guests can help themselves to a cup in any style they want. You’ll be providing the freshest coffee and more variety effortlessly.

Convenience Store

This model is wildly popular in convenience stores across the U.S. Upgrading to the A800 Fresh Brew will entice coffee lovers to stop at your store instead of others.

Capable of brewing into extra-large cups, the A800 Fresh Brew is designed for all the sizes you carry. If you’ve been brewing pots of coffee, enjoy the efficiency and reduced product waste that this machine facilitates.

But that’s not the best part about the A800 Fresh Brew. iQFlow brings a different spin to convenience store coffee, incorporating cafe-style extraction techniques and consistency for seriously delicious coffee.

Add your own advertising messages and images to the display to cross-sell, and you have a super-automatic coffee machine and sales genius in one.

Cafeteria or Self-Service Location

Simplicity goes hand-in-hand with excellence with this self-service machine.

The large touchscreen with a picture menu is logical and easy to navigate. And with the wide variety of coffee types you can program into the A800 Fresh Brew, you’ll be able to make everyone happy.

When corporate locations, cafeterias, and event spaces require an elegantly simple self-service coffee machine that supplies cafe-style results, the A800 Fresh Brew takes the lead as a winning option.

Other Business Types

Businesses that aren’t coffee-centric but still want to offer clientele premium coffee can’t go wrong with this machine.

It can be used as a self-service station or operated by employees. Either way, it won’t slow your staff down. 

Better yet, it will avoid the dreaded stale, burned, or old coffee that tends to happen fast in an environment where only a cup at a time is required.


The A800 Fresh Brew will put your business on the coffee culture map.

If you want to impress your customers with truly premium coffee that’s always brewed fresh, the Franke A800 Fresh Brew is exactly what you need.

The Swiss company Franke developed this model to fill a void where a wide range of businesses required both remarkable efficiency and quality from a super-automatic coffee machine.

The iQFlow system is game-changing, adding extraction control that translates to flavor and consistency super-automatic machines have never before achieved.

The A800 Fresh Brew is pioneering a new kind of self-service coffee machine.

This isn’t just a super-automatic coffee machine. The A800 Fresh Brew makes great coffee, period. 

The possibilities with this machine’s customizable features present unique opportunities for business owners. And with one-touch operation, every customer and employee will have a superior cup of coffee just by tapping a picture on the screen.

Franke knows that you need real solutions to help your business thrive.

Every Franke machine is engineered to fuse user-friendliness, world-class efficiency, and uncompromising quality. 

The A800 Fresh Brew is as serious about good coffee as you and your customers are.

Key Features and What They Mean

10.4 Inch Touchscreen

Users can easily navigate the jumbo touchscreen with three different operation modes. Program as few as six and as many as 20 drinks on a single digital page with custom images. Add advertising messages to direct your customers’ attention to your other products to increase sales.

3 Bean Hoppers with Separate Ceramic Grinders

Giving you great variety, the three hoppers and grinders can be filled with different types of coffee including decaf, regular, flavored, and specialty coffees. This allows you to create options that suit anyone’s preferences.


Pre-infusion in the A800 Fresh Brew ensures that the coffee is more flavorful, smoother, and more satisfying with a dollop of rich crema on top. 

Removable Brew Unit

To change the brew unit, you don’t need any special equipment. It’s fast and easy.

Adjustable Beverage Spout

Adjusting the spout allows you to brew into smaller or larger cups, all the way up to 24 ounces. For businesses, this means faster and more customizable service.

Self-Cleaning System

This model is fully capable of maintaining high standards of sanitation with a self-cleaning program. Just add the cleaning tablet and empty the ground coffee container and the A800 Fresh Brew does the rest.


Recommended daily output (cups) 250 per day
Recommended yearly output (cups) 60000


Height (mm) 796.00 mm
Width (mm) 340.00 mm
Depth (mm) 600.00 mm
Weight (mm) 58.00 kg

Electrical Requirements

Amps 24.2
Volts 200 – 220 V
Wattage 5300 W

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