Buyers Guide

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Buyers Guide

Never been to an auction?  Here’s what to expect!






If you would like to leave a pre-bid on items or are planning to bid online during the actual event, please register prior to auction day. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to be approved and to leave absentee bids, if you like.


Vision provides onsite inspection of equipment prior to auction for every sale. Contact us to confirm inspection times if not stated on website. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the auction – equipment for sale, loading, deadline for removal, etc. We’re here to make your experience as pleasant as possible.






Doors will open 2 hours prior to auction start time and will remain open at least 2 hours after auction ends.



Onsite bidder registration will begin 2 hours prior to auction start and continue throughout the day. Upon registration you will receive your bidder number. This number will be used to track your purchases and invoices.

(Online bidders can still register the day of sale. However, it does take time to be approved and gain admittance to online auction ring. We strongly recommend registering prior to auction day.)




When the sale is about to start, the auctioneer will give the opening announcements that will go over the terms and conditions for the auction. They will review the terms of the auction and answer any questions. Questions are encouraged. Once the sale starts, we move fast!




The auctioneer begins selling, with the clerk keeping track of items sold (for how much and to which buyer). Auction Ringmen will be assisting the auctioneer in identifying bids. The onsite bidders will be joined by the online bidders through the internet. The online bidders will be bidding in real time just as if they were standing in the ring itself. When ready to bid, simply raise your bidder card in the air. If bidding online, simply hit the “bid now” button on your screen. Once the auctioneer says sold, and you are the high bidder, ownership of the item transfers to you. The auction team will move through the auction as efficiently as possible, until all items are sold.




Onsite bidders must pay in full on auction day. Once you have bid on your last item, you can proceed to checkout. There is no need to wait until auction is over to pay your bill.

Online bidders will be invoiced immediately once the auction ends. All online invoices must be paid within 24 hours of auction ending.





Once you have won your items at auction, the equipment is your responsibility to secure and have safely removed from the auction site.


There will be onsite personnel that can assist with removal and loading of equipment. However, these are third-party contractors. You will need to discuss pricing with them directly. We can put you in touch with these contractors prior to auction if you prefer.

Vision also offers the option of having your items shipped directly to you. While you are responsible for removing the equipment and setting up delivery, We will work with you to get the best rate possible and to coordinate pickup with our onsite personnel.

If Items are purchase through one of our many Vision Warehouse Auctions in Covington, GA, we do have a complete shipping department that can palletize, package, and ship your items for a fee.  Please contact Terri Brewer for more information regarding this service at (800)391-3550.


Phone: + 1 800 391 3550
Adress: 4191 West Street NW,
Covington GA 30014
MONDAY – THURSDAY 8:00am – 5:00pm,
FRIDAY 8:00am – 12:00 noon